Holy Cross Highschool, Aurangabad

Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Holy Cross Pune Province Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Holy Cross Pune Province Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Holy Cross Pune Province Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Holy Cross Pune Province Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Holy Cross Pune Province Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Holy Cross Pune Province Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Holy Cross Pune Province

Background and History:

Divine Intervention The establishment of 'Holy Cross Ashram' In the year 1979 - the most outstanding achievement In the land acquired, in the most unexpected military domination? How could our Sisters Claudine and Noelline ever dream of such a feat! Is beyond our wildest imagination!! Here in the midst of magnificent, evergreen (Banyan, tamarind, neem, golmohar, sonmohar ...) On rich black soil with scenic beauty Alongside Pune highway, ancient caves, satpuda range .. Stand tall and elegant impressive structures (of H.C. Ashram, HCEP School, HCEH School and massive auditorium) The undaunted, tireless, handiwork of Sr. Amelia! God be praised now and forever more!! The beginnings of No.12/ H.C. Ashram with sprawling space Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life In January 1903 ..... Can you ever guess? A small Hindi school for Indian soldiers children In the parish house, a rented building, HC Marathi school, And a solitary bungalow, named No.12 of Mr. Green. (Besides education, they visited the villages and dispensed Medi-care.) God bless our pioneers - Sr. Marie Laravoir, Sr. Philomene Caddoux And Sr. Anne Dumont Who said "Yes" to the Lord's call through His instrument Msgr. Pelvat. Enthused with great missionary zeal and fervour Ventured, to make the Good God, known and loved!

Holy Cross Ashram Past History

The Sisters without a proper roof overhead yearned to spread God’s love
By taking care of young village girls in the boarding and the local kids
So, on receiving Diocesan signal at a meeting in 1958
Sr. Gwen started Montessori class in a rented room
With the help of, their heavenly sponsors, Mother Mary and St. Joseph.

Now how Sr. Olivia, her team of three, surmounted the hurdles of the new opening?
How Sr. Noelline laid the foundation of the new school building in 1966 and completed it?
That Sr. Eugene’s first batch in 1970 scored cent%!
That in 1978 three students appeared in the merit list! (Dicennial year of Sr. Eugene as HM)
How Sr. Amelia laid the foundation stone of the massive auditorium in 1978?
How Sr. Nora laid the foundation of a separate building for HCEP School in 1991 and completed it?
Isn’t all that heavenly intervention!
(Let’s not forget Srs Marian, Marie Marciel, Augusta, Phillipine Phillip, Alzira, Marina)
(Srs Eulalia, Anna Maria, Caitania, Meena)
Oh, valiant Sisters of the Cross!
We salute you!

Holy Cross Ashram

Our community was christened ‘Holy Cross Ashram’ by our pioneers but the local people know it as Bungalow No. 12.; once upon a time the precious possession of Mr. Green. The old bungalow was demolished to raise up the new structures especially Ashram and Schools. Sr. Amelia and Sr. Noelline the main stalwarts sacrificed their time, energy and whatever little they had to build a comfortable residence for the hard working Sisters. Their love and concern was blessed abundantly by the Almighty Heavenly Father. It is not only comfortable but also cozy with all the necessary amenities. Three cheers to all the labour put in selflessly by the architect, contractors, supervisors, masons carpenters and all the anonymous workers. Our hearts sing a song of gratitude to one and all. Praise the Lord! May their tribe increase!


The schools have just begun and we are engrossed in welcoming the new comers – Sisters, teachers and students. The students and teachers are trying to acclimatize to the ever green shrubs and trees, fresh and pure atmosphere, inter-locked tiled pathway, spacious playground, airy and big classrooms, and huge stages. Now due to the good showers of rain it is just a stupendous sight to behold!
You are most welcome for a ‘Come and see’ experience anytime.
Waiting eagerly to see you in our campus.

Rev. Sr. Jennifer Ferrao. (an enthusiastic leader in person) is the head mistress of the school. Under the able guidance of the Holy cross sisters, the school is known for its unique standard, all-round formation, and instilling kingdom values, in the students of the 21st century. Preparing them to be ardent children, honest students, loyal citizens and above all a noble human being.