About The Congregation

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross Chavanod is an Apostolic Religious institute which is international and of Pontifical Right. The Institute is present in sixteen countries and four continents.

We are engaged in the different ministries such as Education, Health, Social, Pastoral and Family apostolate. The goal of the Sisters of the Cross is to reveal to all, the merciful love of the Father and the liberating power of the Paschal Mystery. They give priority to the poor and the oppressed, especially women and youth.

The Province of Pune came into being on 17 June 1990, having been carved out from the Province of Amravati for a better and more fruitful mission in the service of God and humanity.

The vision-mission of our Foundress, Claudine Echernier: "To make the good God known and loved", beckons us to become agents of spreading the goodness of God, namely, God's compassion, love, justice, harmony, reconciliation

Mother Claudine Echernier