Charism, Vision & Mission

As Sisters of the Cross we have received from the Father, in the Spirit, a special call to participate in the mystery of Jesus dead and risen in his mission in the world for the salvation of all (ROL. 1). Our vocation is to live joyfully the paschal mystery of Christ, with a particular emphasis on kenosis. The assiduous contemplation of Christ forms in us the same attitudes as those of the Saviour. It draws us to live more deeply the spirit of detachment and total surrender of ourselves. The specific feature of our charism is seen clearly in the choice of our fundamental text: Phil 2: 6-11

"Taking the form of a Servant,
Being born in the likeness of men,
And being found in human form
He humbled Himself,
He became obedient unto death,
Even death on the cross.
Therefore God has highly exalted him."

We, the Sisters of the Cross, consecrated for the mission, collaborate with others in this work of salvation. In creative fidelity, we work for the cause of humanity, especially for the women and the poor, in solidarity with those who promote peace, justice and reconciliation. We journey with our sisters and brothers enabling them to recognize and receive God's love in its fullness, to fullfill our vision to make the good God known and loved. Thus our mission is to reveal to all people the merciful love of the Father and the liberating power of the Paschal mystery.

Mother Claudine Echernier