What We Do | Social Work

We are committed to improve the quality of lives in the communities that we are associated with. We intervene to bring positive outcome through research, community building, bonding and skill development.

Economically and Socially backward communities who have been inflicted with poverty, social injustices and violations of human rights need urgent support for rediscovering themselves.

Foundation Date: 27th June, 1979.

In the beginning Mondha community was the extension community of Holy Cross Ashram, No.12. It was Sr. Marala Monteiro being part of Holy Cross Ashram No.12 community had been engaged in social work and was looking for place to establish herself and her work.Holy Cross Vikas Kernder, Mondha, as it is known today, had it's origin in the year 1979, as a sub-centre of the Holy Cross Ashram No. 12. It was mainly due to the tireless efforts of Rev. Sr. Marala Monteiro, who was engaged in social service at that area that paved the way for the foundation of this community. There is a saying, "No road is long with a good friend beside you." It was the support and encouragement of our beloved Sr. Marian Lobo superior of Holy cross Ashram No.12, who showed interest in the noble cause and soon the providence provided them a lively little house surrounded by land. And they got it for a song. Rev. Sr. Marian Lobo, the then superior of Holy cross Ashram , No.12, showed very keen interest in the noble cause, and as soon as a beautiful piece of land was bought, a lively little community was set in motion by divine providence

Initially the work was consisted in :

  • Catering to the needs of The poor girls of the locality and aimed at their overall development.
  • training them for Needle-work, handicrafts and other income generating enterprises.

The great and noble work at Mondha was supported by the magnanimity of our then sisters of Holy Cross Ashram no.12. God bless their generosity.

Today we are in a new built house inaugurated on 10th sep.2000. The great and challenging work is carried out with one heart and mind in a loving and warm ambiance.

Our community here at Mondha is indeed a commune, anyone who steps into the portal of holy vikas Kendra can experience a heightened sense of affability and availability, sensitivity and receptivity, coupled with an all pervasive mutual care and concern. This experience of belongingness and togetherness achieved in our daily communion with God in the Eucharist is translated and transported into our daily humanitarian activities aimed at the welfare of the people of God.

besides these activities we work in 15 villages, for 1972 families (st- 1366. Sc-595) focusing on water, livelihood, health and hygiene, we carry out the following works:

  • Nursery – Balwadi
  • Coaching classes for slum students.
  • All round formation of Rag Pickers.(education, nutrition, health and hygiene )
  • Tailoring center and tailoring classes for young girls and women.

We also work in 2 slum areas, carrying out the activities like :

  • Computer classes.
  • Training and exposure programme for the women and youth.

Besides these activities we work in 15 villages, for 1972 families (st- 1366. Sc-595) focusing on water, livelihood, health and hygiene, we carry out the following works: Self-help groups in all 15 villages.

  • Tailoring classes
  • Coaching classes
  • Empowering women towards efficient governance.
  • Motivating for RBI (right base information) and PRI (Panchayat Raj Intuitions)
  • Poultry and animal husbandry
  • Bio gas
  • Training for the staff and the animators.

The sisters in Mondha work tirelessly for the all round formation of the poor. Their presence among the rag-pickers is a great challenge, We strive to change their scars into stars.



Do visit our organization and let us join hands together to make a difference. Help in any form will oblige us. You can sponsor, stationary, clothes, nutrition or sponsor a child's school fees/collage fees, sewing machine for girls, computers for youth. You can drop in your might in, Sr. Superior, Holy Cross Vikas Kendra,


Caught up in the great plan of the Father for the world we respond to the call of Christ to be prophetic partners in His mission here in Dharangaon. Filled with the spirit of our founders it inspires us on towards new horizons with vibrant zeal to fulfill God's work with courage and fidelity.

Our outreach activities includeSocial work- Through self help group activities like

  • small scale industry Awareness programmes on rights based issues for the tribal women.
  • Income generating schemes
  • Coaching classes
  • Balwadi
  • Elementary English classes
  • Health care services through our dispensary and mobile clinic to remote villages
  • Nutrition programme
  • Timely inspections of coaching and Balwadi children
  • Use of herbal medicines in our garden
  • Value education through health talks.

Our presence in Dharangaon was established in 1994.We have a social centre which sees to the non formal education, health services, self help groups with women etc and other social problems in the villages through awareness programmes. Dharangaon is a taluka since 2001 situated in the district of Jalgaon. It is 35kms away from Jalgaon city and is a drought stricken area where the poor, the illiterate, the marginalized and the oppressed dwell. This place has many paradoxes. Abundance of wealth and acute poverty, academic excellence of the few but illiteracy of many, some having lands others landless. In the aspect of roads and sanitation it is far from being developed. There is no family planning. Children are a neglected lot with respect to education and health, lack of gender equality exists.

We the sisters of the Cross live among the people of other faiths with no catholic population yet the good God guides us with His wisdom and timely intervention through the delicate road maps we journey to make Him known and loved.

Social activities at a glance

We keep ourselves open to respond to the emerging needs of our area.A sister set aside for social work and its activities visit the villages on a regular basis which are within 20 Kms away from our residential area interacting with the women groups formed, timely meetings are held and records maintained. The groups are linked to the banks, they are given financial help to start income generating activities and avail the government subsidy schemes for their benefits like house building, goat rearing, poultry, farm based produce etc.

Farmers clubs that are formed are given awareness on better farming. Our involvement is mainly with the Bhils and Pardhis in ten villages. Our women look forward to the women's day event where they are made to feel important, appreciated and have an opportunity to celebrate their womanhood. Their day is coloured with games, surprise prizes and a gift. We also have had resource persons who delved deeper on social issues like alchoholism, importance of girl child and ways of empowering oneself that is rights of women, health , hygiene ,sanitation and enriching life experiences and challenges faced by a single parent.

Coaching classes

Taking into consideration the facilities already available for education but not given full interest in their daily lessons we felt the need to motivate the children to study, think ,analyze topics and events. In all we have 62 students both Marathi and English school coming from lower strata of society with poverty stricken homes. They are encouraged and appreciated thus infusing confidence to build every child's future.

Besides academics their all round integral growth and development is catered through various competitions like art , general knowledge, essay writing , sports events. We also have celebration of festivals and memorable days. Love for nature is shown through cultivation of vegetable garden and tree plantation. At the close of the year we have an educational tour to historical places,temples and gardens.


As the day dawns our little angels wind their way through the streets of Dharangaon to our mini university. They great the morning by a few moments of silence by closing their eyes and vipassana. Special attention is given to each child promoting their spontaneity and creative abilities through drawing , games, general knowledge, action songs, poetry, and sports. Timely prizes and incentives are given for their progress and regularity.

Health care services

Life is enhanced and made meaningful when it is spent well for the cause of others. We are faced with ample opportunities to touch and heal people physically, mentally, spiritually,and socially for health is said to be the well being of the entire person.

We not only provide medications but be in touch with our mother earth for its natural healing through the herbal garden in our campus. People are given demonstration to prepare the decoction.

Due to scarcity of water and crop, solving the nutrition crisis is a great responsibility however efforts are made to distribute soyabean and wheat flour packets every second month and spinach grown which is useful to malnourished and anemic patients in our nutrition programme.They are also encouraged to eat pulses and leafy vegetable available to them.

Awareness health talks on the spread of malaria, typhoid, hygiene and cleanliness, tuberculosis, anemia, deworming, mother and child care, importance of immunization, safe drinking water and viral infections like cough and cold are spoken about.

working conditions they, suffer from fluid loss, cramps which is replaced by, hydration theraphy in the, form of intravenous fluids, oral rehydration salts, glucose powder intake.